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Aloha and thank you for seeing what the Reef to Leaf Project is all about. We are an Ohana community that just wants to help make a difference in our world. All of us are passionate about nature and the beautiful world we live in. Mama Honua (mother earth) needs us and we need her.


Our goal is to spread awareness not only throughout the spa and salon industry, but just to everyone willing to listen. Our industry uses so many chemicals to begin with... let's counteract the must have chemicals and help balance with the natural forms. We're all mamas wanting to teach our children that there's more to life then just the instant gratifications of fast manufacturing, horrible toxins produced to make a quick extra buck or two, overwhelming lazinesses in proper disposal of trash and so much more!


There's so many wonderful opportunities now days to make the largest impact with the smallest tasks. We are not political and by no means do we plan on pushing outrageous agendas... we all have busy lives. With that said though, super simple ways to strategize healthy, eco-friendly growth is our goal!


We hope that our program will create a strong community in this industry, leading to many opportunities for everyone. Our certifications are simple but heartfelt with a huge intent. You will see us posting fun, light hearted, simple ideas, natural recipes and eco - articles from around the world to share with your clients, friends and loved ones. 


Most importantly... we ask that you join us in our project including, your voice, ideas to better our program for you and your new Ohana.  

We know programs like this take time to build but with everyones help and love, we will succeed! We will plan regular events in our areas for beach and park clean ups and ask you to do the same in your area. Of course we will provide you with guidance and planning ideas along the way.


Who's ready to join the Mama Honua Reef to Leaf Project??? 

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