Earn MAHALO BUCKS when joining our Reef to Leaf Project! 

Have you been wondering how and what to do with all the containers on your backbar? They're pretty right? Hate throwing them away? Well, now you don't have to. Become a certified salon or spa with our Reef to Leaf project and receive Mahalo Bucks towards your sugar paste orders. That's right, check out the checklist and join us today!



  • Return a small Ke Kō box (17 tubs & 17 lids) of rinsed containers and receive 10% OFF your next sugar paste order

  • Return a large Ke Kō box (72 tubs & 72 lids) of rinsed containers and receive 15% OFF your next sugar paste order

  • Get Reef to Leaf Project Certified and enjoy a discount on EVERY sugar paste order

More ways our Reef to Leaf Project Members can support the environment:

  • Don't order new! We offer refills for our backbar products.

  • Don't stop at your backbar! Share your eco-friendly efforts with your retail clients.

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