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Eco-Friendly Meets Skincare Professionals

Mama Honua (Mother Earth) needs us!
Help us in keeping our oceans clean and our mountains green.

Every day, we hear about climate change, we learn about toxins in our food and products, we hear about devastation in our oceans. With the eco-buzz all around, it's easy to tune it out when our lives get busy.

Here at Reef to Leaf, we want to be a one-stop-shop to help you understand what we, especially being skincare professionals, can do to care for our amazing planet.  We can help ensure that, no only our children, but all future generations have the chance to enjoy a clean, non-toxic environment, by doing our part to preserve Earth through green, eco-friendly, sustainable practices.

We don't know everything, new issues arise daily, and new facts announced rapidly.... but as we see important information, ideas and other ways to help our planet, we'll pass them along to you. Our focus is on the big picture, but change can start in our own salons, spas and backyards. Check us out! Let us know what you think. Just remember that we're one, big, happy Ohana so save any politically charged comments for another time and place. Thank you for caring with us.



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